Furthermore, when you seek counseling services in Phuket, you can establish a trusting relationship with a non-judgmental professional who can offer you fresh perspectives, insights, tools, and even facilitate healing in your life. This person is someone outside of your personal circle of relationships.

I provide counseling Phuket services for children, teens, adults, families. I bring an eclectic view to my counseling practice. My core values are deeply rooted in being person-centered and strength-based. The formula is simple; Identification, Exploration, Discovery, and Recovery.

Each of us is on a counseling Phuket journey it seems like. And there are times when we need some support along the way. Therefore, having someone to journey with you can make all the difference. You have expertise in your own life, and with good therapy, you can openly share and process your experiences in a safe environment without facing judgment or being told how to feel or act. Counseling services in Phuket are available for children, teens, adults, and families.

As a therapist, I consequently work with you to explore the life experiences that have shaped you and affect the way you respond to challenges today. I invite you to set up a phone or face-to-face consultation with me to see if I am the right therapist for you. 

Counseling Phuket works. It really does.

My clients are people seeking self-improvement, including students, professionals, parents, and couples, who want to overcome challenges.

Furthermore, counseling is not just for the “mentally ill” or for “severe” issues. Counseling helps face life’s challenges.

In conclusion, what I provide is the healing and non-judgmental space, combined with my professional knowledge, experience, and genuine empathy to guide you through this process. Every client is unique. I adapt and draw from many theoretical approaches according to the way you think, feel, and even simply what you want! Overall, I counsel using a cognitive, strengths based (wellness), and humanistic approach. counseling Phuket for children teens adults families

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